Our hearts are saddened with the loss of our family’s Rafael Rubio and Dora Castellanos. We thank you for honoring them with your donation to the Rafael Rubio and Dora Castellanos Scholarship Fund!



Generations On The Move is passionate about providing financial assistance to ambitious college-bound students whose drive to succeed for themselves and the community is hindered by economic challenges beyond their control.

Beginning in San Diego in 2010, Generations on the Move has been able to assist a growing number of students each year.  In 2017, GOTM expanded their outreach to Los Angeles.  


Generations On The Move was founded by a group of the first generation descendants of a Mexican-American family, Rodriguez-Cardenas. They formed the foundation with the sole intent of assisting other families to achieve the “American Dream”. 

Members of the Rodriguez-Cardenas family began their migration to California as early as the 1920’s and placed the highest priority on respect for education, a strong work ethic, and commitment to community service.



In the spring of 2011, Generations On The Move awarded its first scholarship to a high school graduate on her way to University of California, Riverside. 

Since its inception in 2010, Generations On The Move has been driven to find and help jumpstart the college pursuit of future change makers facing economic barriers.

Each year, building on the past, GOTM has been able to increase its financial award and/or increase the number of awardees. 



San Diego's 7th Annual 5K Run/Walk Was a Great Success!

Thank you all who participated in our 2018 San Diego 5K Walk/Run.  Some of you came out to walk or run with us and others of you joined our effort in supporting our Generations On The Move Team Members with gracious donations.

We were able to raise the most so far in "game day" registrations and donations! Our total raised through this annual GOTM Fundraiser was over $5000 which allows us to award 6 San Diego scholarships this year!

Thank you all again for your willingness to help bless the lives of a few more eager and determined, college-bound students!                                                                                                             

Love, GOTM Team