Generations OnThe Move was founded by the Rodriguez-Cardenas, a first generation Mexican-American family, for the primary purpose of assisting other families to achieve the “American Dream”. While the origins of the Rodriguez-Cardenas family are deeply-rooted in central Mexico, their descendants have lived in this country for almost 95 years.

Members of the Rodriguez-Cardenas family began their migration to California as early as the 1920’s and placed highest priority on respect for education, a strong work ethic, and commitment to community service.


Since its beginnings as a non-profit organization, Generations On The Move has focused its fundraising on building a scholarship fund, supporting a charitable program for needy families and providing resources to document family histories.

In the spring of 2011, Generations On The Move awarded its first scholarship to a student who qualified and enrolled at the University of California at Riverside. Additionally, numerous needy families received donations of food, clothing and toys during the holiday season.

As a result of our rich heritage, we know that families and students require additional resources to accomplish their educational goals. Our experiences motivated us to share our insights with families in our communities. We encourage the same commitment from our scholarship recipients.